Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook 2019

I created a sketchbook for the 2019 Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project. The theme is “What I Left Behind.” It is an exploration and purging of the anger, rage, frustration, and spiritual struggle surrounding a legal battle to keep my property after being defrauded in the purchase. The paintings I created for the book are small, about 3″ x 5 “, the size of the sketchbook pages. I printed color pictures of my house and yard, then torn them up and rearranged the pieces on paper. I then painted over the collages, responding intuitively to the colors and shapes. The process of making the art helped me deal with the frustrating legal proceedings and make peace with leaving this home behind.

Sketchbook Images

These mages are from a sketchbook I started back in 2010.  At the time I  was processing many ideas of transformation, new growth, and fresh opportunities in my life.  It was two years before we were finally able to move to Oregon.  The intention in my mind was set, I had started searching for a property online. These were done during that stressful time, during 2010 and 2011. All except the last one, which is from December of 2017, another stressful time when  we are preparing to move from the property purchased in 2012 to another, as yet unknown, location. What would my art be without change?

I set the circular mandala shape as a framework. It is symbolic of cycles and it is a comfortable shape for me.  Each  drawing is a quick study, a musing, a symbolic representation of my state of emotions and mind at that moment.  There are quite a few pages left in the book. The intention is to finish it, come what may.

Recent Artwork

These mages are from a 2017-2018 series of ink jet prints altered by pencil overlay. I drew on the original print with graphite pencil, altering the dark and light patterns and creating optical illusions of depth that did not exist in the original. The foreground and background became fragmented or changed into solid shapes or deep space. There is matrixing throughout each drawing. Weird little faces appear and morph into strange creatures. Interestingly, these are taken from pictures of the trees that are on three sides of the house. This series is an insight into my own psyche and my awareness  of  the elemental energies of the forest.